Getting Started

Yoga is an ancient Indian technique self-cultivation, but also a course on science and philosophy of life. Its origins can be traced back to the period of the Indus civilization, has been five thousand years of history. "Yoga" is the ancient Sanskrit word word. It is said that, at least in the year 2000 BC, people began to use it. One of its meaning, as flail or driving (such as clothing cattle carriages meaning), so there is contact, one of various Italian, Chinese nationals due to be translated into the corresponding old. It and the English word "yoke" has the same etymology, yoke means in accordance with the ancient farming methods put together two cows. But years later, it became the extended meaning of "spiritual expansion method" refers particularly to Italy meditation. Contact between the extended meaning and intent of that spiritual development capabilities will mean people "together": people can understand it as a unity of body and mind, the soul and the individual soul or cosmic unity.

She is considered a on "internal self-awareness," the scientific system, with its unique philosophy and under the guidance of a series of physical training. Modern yoga more often borrow from "asana" and lead the people into the world of yoga. Facts have proved that yoga can effectively improve the people in the physical, psychological, emotional and mental condition overall. Meanwhile, yoga philosophy also believes the human body, mind and soul are equally important, and considers three harmony and balance are three important factors to achieve overall healthier lifestyle. By practicing yoga regularly, will eventually make a life for each harvest to the sweet fruit of wisdom, peace and freedom. Yoga, the ancient wisdom tradition, are countless Yu through their selfless dedication, the benefits to the people of the world a more healthy body and peaceful mind.